” I married at the age of 18, and by my 20 th birthday I was pregnant of my first son, living abroad and married to one of the world’s best soccer players. People ask me if I always dreamed of marring young. I never dreamed with an exact age, the number to me means absolutely nothing besides how long we’ve been living in this world. Marry a soccer player? No, it was not what I had in mind for myself. I dreamed marrying a businessman, a prince, someone that would dress a suit to work and I would fix his tie every morning. 

When I met Kaka, he played in São Paulo Futebol Clube, and would go to work in flip flops and shorts. But I gave it a chance.  I wanted to see were we would go. In the end, I fell in love, day after day.  One day he called me, I had just left Physical Education Class at school, I answered the call and said “Hey Bu”, because that’s how I call him, and he said: “we have to talk”. That moment, I imagined he would be telling me he would be changing countries and on his way to live abroad. I was right. He had just signed his transfer to Milan, in Italy. On that same day, he travelled to his new country. He didn’t know, but besides living his dream, he was also giving me my dream: in Milan, Kaká would go to the matches and practices dressed in nice suits, just like a businessman. For many years, he was called "Prince Kaka" by the Italian press.

     ~ Carol Celico, about her marriage (on her tumblr)

Kaká and Carol Celico, 6 years of marriage.

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